Video shows suspects who killed Garland woman returning from work

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Garland police hope new surveillance video will help them arrest the people who shot and killed a 20-year-old woman.

Jocelyn Sarabia-Marlon was gunned down in front of her home early Friday just as she returned home from work at a convenience store. Relatives say she had no enemies.

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Grainy surveillance video from East Linda Drive shows a couple of men walk from left to right across the screen toward a vehicle. They stand around, seeming to wait. Then, they walk towards Sarabia-Marlon, who had just gotten out of her car.

Police say the men shot her and then ran off back across the camera's view. Investigators believe a third accomplice was driving a Nissan Altima.

Several cameras captured images of the men and the car, including an image of one suspect's distinctive reflective clothing. 

‘We don't have a race or description other than they are male subjects,” said Garland Police Lt. Pedro Barineau. “But we are hoping that by releasing the video that we will get some assistance from the public in helping identify who they are.”

Sarabia-Marlon’s younger sister, Alexia Guerrero, spoke to FOX 4 on Friday.

“All my mom heard was her saying, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God,’ And they heard gunfire, and then they came out and they turned on the lights to see what was going on,” Guerrero recalled. “And they find Jocelyn just there. And once they grabbed her, she was cold.”

Sarabia-Marlon had just arrived home from working at a convenience store on Forest Boulevard. Her boss, who described her as a model employee, released a video of her leaving early Friday morning. She didn't appear to be followed but was murdered minutes later in front of her own home.

“We are trying to determine, first of all, did these suspects follow her home from her work or were they already on the street possibly waiting for her, knowing her schedule,” Barineau said. “If they are willing to kill one person, more than likely they are willing to kill again.”

Police say the motive is still a mystery. Sarabia-Marlon did not appear to have been robbed.