Twins and triplets, Wylie dad celebrates Father's Day 5 times over

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This Father’s Day was five times as sweet for a Wylie dad, now part of a very unique club.

Robbie Sherwin shifts seamlessly from work to daddy duty, with his 2-year-old twin daughters, Amari and Keona. Just when he'd mastered two little ones, he and his wife Nadia found out they were expecting triplets.

The Sherwins say there are twins in both of their families, and Nadia was taking hormone medication for a medical condition, but they never dreamed the additions of Noah, Mia and Colette were in the cards.

“It's really been incredible for our marriage and learning how to be a team,” said Nadia.

Nadia says she only knows of two other families with twins and triplets, but they live out of state and none have children as young or close in age.

Grandma and grandpa  are a huge part of managing the remarkably organized chaos.

“It's truly a blessing. Advice to someone would honestly be it's not that difficult if you just have the right mindset and attitude,” said Robbie.

When asked if they planned on having more, “No, no we’re done.”

Robbie turned 31 on father's day, and says being a father of five never crossed his mind when he and Nadia married five years ago, but if love can be multiplied he's hit the jackpot five times over.

“He is seriously the most hands on father I've ever seen,” said Nadia, “Just the most incredible father and I literally wouldn’t' be able to do it without him.”

“I wouldn’t' have said this 5 years ago but snuggling babies just has to be the part that warms your heart, and just makes you absolutely melt so when i get all five of them together in the same place it's absolutely amazing,” said Robbie.

The Sherwin family has set up a website and Facebook page so you can follow their progress.