Suspect arrested for killing man taking snow pictures

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A teenager has been arrested for shooting and killing a man who was taking pictures of the snow.

Ahmed Al-Jumaili was hit by gunfire while outside of his apartment in far northeast Dallas a week and a half ago.

Dallas police said shell casings and a witness helped lead them to 17-year-old Nykerion "Kaca" Nealon.

Investigators believe Nealon was out with a rifle that night because someone had recently fired shots at his girlfriend's apartment.

"We don't believe he knew Mr. Al Jumaili's ethnicity, but what he did know is that he was in search for the individual responsible for shooting at his girlfriend's apartment," said Dallas Police Major Jeff Cotner.

A witness said he saw Nealon raise the gun. He took cover and then heard several gunshots.

At first Nealon denied being out, but officers searched his apartment and found rifle cartridges similar to the ones at the crime scene inside.

They also believe he was one of four people seen on surveillance video running away from the scene.

Nealon tried to blame the shooting on the witness, but police said his story didn't add up. He was charged with murder.

Nealon's mother spoke with FOX4 and expressed regret over what happened.

"I am so sorry that my son had anything to do with this and took this man's life," said Kametha Nealon.

Al-Jumaili only moved to Dallas from Iraq a few weeks ago to be with his wife. He had never seen snow before.

Members from the Council on American Islamic Relations were at Friday's press conference. They expressed their gratitude on behalf of the family and thanked police for their hard work on the case.

"That's the way the community should work, we should come together and support each other," said Ramon Majia, a spokesman for the Al-Jumaili family.


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