Snow still in the forecast for North Texas on Sunday, especially areas southwest of the Metroplex

Snow is still in the forecast for parts of North Texas on Sunday, with areas southwest of the Metroplex expected to get the highest totals.

What is forecasted to start as a cold morning, with rain and wintry mix, will likely turn to snow late Sunday morning.

The highest snow totals are expected to be in areas west and southwest of the Metroplex, with 1-3 inches possible in Dallas and Tarrant counties.

The northern portions of the Metroplex could see up to an inch of snow.

The precipitation will taper off Sunday evening with possibly some light snow or drizzle through midnight.

By Monday, the system will move east. The clouds will break for the sun but it will still be cold and in the low 40s.

Freezing temperatures early Tuesday morning will climb back into the 50s. The forecast calls for highs in the upper 50s and 60s on Wednesday and Thursday.

Seeing multiple inches of snow is something that has not happened for several years in North Texas.

"I know we don’t really know how to drive all that well in the snow," Gisselle Hott said.

"I was very excited because I haven't seen snow in a long time," Jaslene Soto said.

"Excited, we want to see snow, we love snow," Ursula Perez said.

Many people who were out shopping Saturday said they weren’t buying any extra supplies.

"We've pretty much got everything, the groceries and everything we need. We are kind of hoping it does snow," Marlene Koenecke said.

"As a Texan, I don't think I am every prepared for it to snow. I saw they put salt out so that is good for me," Hott said.

TxDOT has already started preparing for the expected wintry mix Sunday.

Trucks have put down the brine solutions on major highways, and are ready to clear away snow if it starts accumulating.

With the snow forecast on a Sunday, traffic will be light, and most people plan to stay at home

Many are just looking forward to some actual time enjoying the snow, in whatever form

"Just like throw snowballs or something," Soto said.

"We are already stocked up as always, just looking forward to play," Perez added.

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