Search shifts to recovery effort for missing fisherman

The search continues for a missing fisherman on Lake Ray Hubbard two days after he disappeared.

SKY 4 was over the lake Friday morning after search crews headed back out on the water to search for Mark Jordan. It is now being called a search and recovery mission.

Mark's father, Danny Jordan, says he still has his fingers crossed that his son will turn up alive but knows in his gut that his son is gone.

According to Danny, Mark lived with him and went out fishing on Lake Ray Hubbard almost every night, even Wednesday night when the wind was creating choppy conditions.

Game wardens continue to search the lake on Friday. They're using a grid system and focusing on the area where Mark’s 17-foot fishing boat was found capsized Thursday afternoon,  not far from where his cooler, seat cushion and life jacket washed ashore in a neighborhood in Rockwall.

The game wardens are using sonar technology but say the high wind and choppy water is making it difficult to get a clear image.

“With that technology, we’re able to kind of see the trees and see the bottom and see everything that's underneath the surface of the water,” explained Texas Game Warden Captain Tony Norton.

“I just have a feeling that he was in a rush to get back home. You can't see out here in the dark,” Danny said. “So we're pretty sure that’s what happened. He hit a stump underwater stump and turned over probably.”

Of course, no one will know for sure how Mark died until his body is recovered. Danny says his son liked to speed out on the water and was well aware of the hidden dangers like tree stumps located below the water's surface.

Investigators will continue their search until the sun goes down.

Mark's family is asking that everyone living around the lake to leave their porch light on until his body is found as a symbolic gesture.