School mix-up leaves first grader in stranger's home

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The first day of school turned into a nightmare for the mother of an Anna first grader.

The mother says she had told the school she'd be picking up her 5-year-old daughter. But the girl was sent home with a group of walkers and ended up at a stranger’s house. Everyone involved is just grateful this little girl is okay, including the district.

The superintendent says what happened is unacceptable.

Monday was Alexa Rincon's first day of first grade at Sue Evelyn Ratton Elementary School in Anna ISD. Her mom, Fabiola Rincon, arrived for pick up after filing the proper paperwork to do so, but Alexa was nowhere to be found.

“I'm thinking this community is huge. She could be anywhere at this point,” Fabiola recalled.

The 5-year-old was accidentally sent home with a group of children who walk home and turned up at a stranger’s house in a nearby subdivision.

Fabiola says the school gave her the address instead of picking Alexa up.

“I said, ‘Are you kidding me? You know there are offenders around here. What if this house isn't safe?” she recalled saying.

Fabiola says it turned out it was a PTA mom who saw her daughter crying and took her in her home, which she's grateful for. But Fabiola says it never should have come to that.

Anna ISD Superintendent Pete Slaughter says it all started when Alexa's tag showed her as a student who gets picked up and was not properly checked.

“First of all, I apologize to the family,” Slaughter said. “There's no excuse for that. It's unacceptable.”

The superintendent says law enforcement should have been called to pick up the child, no matter where she was. It’s a situation he hopes to prevent from ever happening again.

“We do care about your children,” Slaughter said. “We'll continue to do everything we can to make sure they're safe at school and going home as well.”