Postal worker fired after mail found dumped in Oak Cliff creek

A U.S. Postal Service employee has been fired for allegedly dumping hundreds of pieces of mail in a Dallas creek.

Don Sutton lives across the street from Cedar Creek in Oak Cliff and noticed a U.S. Postal service truck parked nearby on Monday afternoon. A short time later he saw a trail of mail scattered down the embankment.

Sutton saw some of the envelopes lying on the edge of the embankment and snapped a photograph of the pieces he could see.  It turns out there was plenty more down below.

“There was an AT&T phone bill and there was a Capital One credit card bill from someone,” Sutton said.

Sutton became suspicious when his surveillance camera captured a U.S. Postal Service truck come and go Monday afternoon -- but his mail never arrived.

Since it was after business hours when he found the mail, Sutton called 911. On Tuesday morning, investigators with the Dallas Marshals's office and postal police retrieved two large bags full of undelivered mail.

A spokesman with the USPS Office of Inspector General says the mail, which belongs to the 75224 zip code, will be processed and victims will be notified by a special agent from the Dallas office.

The Dallas Marshals are investigating the incident as an illegal dumping case. It’s not known if the postal carrier has been arrested and his identity has not been released since it’s an active investigation.