Police involved in deadly shooting in Arlington

Arlington police shot and killed a man they say was dressed in full body armor and had threatened to hurt his family.

The suspect had also allegedly carjacked a man at gunpoint and had been knocking on doors in an Arlington neighborhood.

Investigators say it started at about 4:15 pm Saturday when someone called 911 about a disturbance at an apartment at 2100 Park Boulevard in Arlington.

Police say a 22-year-old man was threatening his mom and brothers with a knife.

Officers responded and started trying to negotiate with the man through the door.

Police say they watched him put on body armor and pick up a handgun while telling officers, "shoot me, just shoot me."

Officers heard a window break and realized the man had broken through a window and into a vacant apartment next door.

From there, the suspect was able to get down to the street where police say he ran.

Investigators say he then carjacked a man who was on his way to work.

The suspect took off running into a neighborhood, still carrying the gun and banging on doors.

Police followed the man and eventually shot and killed him.

Investigators say he's a 22-year-old white man and they know him from prior domestic disturbance calls.

Police do not yet have body cameras, and right now, they're unsure whether there is dash cam video of the shooting.

No one else was injured in this incident.