Plano PD: Teens were racing before fatal crash

Nearly a month after a car crash killed two Shepton High School teenagers, Plano police say they've determined street racing was involved.

A decision that may have taken a matter of seconds ended the lives of 16-year-old Samantha Sacks and Lily Davis. A third teen, Kendall Murray, suffered severe injuries and will never be the same.

Plano police say before the crash, Samantha was driving her dad's Porsche and started street racing with teenage boys at Mira Vista and Park. Just a short distance away, they came up to a stop sign.

The car with the teenage boy stopped. They watched as Samantha went through the stop sign, hit the curb and then veered into a tree in the center median and burst into flames.

"They witnessed the crash, witnessed the vehicle burst into flames. I could not imagine what they were going through," said Plano PD Spokesperson David Tilley. "But through all of that, they had the wherewithal to actually stop and assist in pulling the one surviving victim out of that vehicle, potentially saving her life."

Since street racing was a factor, police say the teenage boy driving the other car could face felony charges. That decision might ultimately be up to a grand jury.

"All the occupants, including the driver, have been cooperative with us," Tilley said. "There have been no indications of deception."

As for why it took nearly a month to determine street racing was involved, Tilley says police were working patiently with Kendall, the crash survivor, until she could communicate better.

I'm sure these young ladies never anticipated this would end this way or they never would have done it," Tilley said. "But sometimes it does end that way."