Parker County rancher raises thousands for ranchers affected by Panhandle Wildfires

A Parker County rancher has raised $40,000 dollars for ranchers affected by deadly Texas Panhandle Wildfires.

Ramey Keeth says for him it's personal having grown up there.

"I've worked on a lot of these ranches and go back out there year after year to help these people brand and gather cattle and so we know a lot of them they're like family,' Keeth said.

The wildfires have killed four people, burned an estimated 750 square miles and displaced 10,000 cattle and horses.  Governor Greg Abbott has declared a disaster in six counties.

Keeth started rounding up donations of hay last week and fencing to help ranchers affected and had 2,000 bales donated the first day.

"One of these bales would probably feed 10 grown mama cows for about two days," Keeth said.

The calls started coming in and he set up a Go FundMe page. More than $40,000 thousand dollars have been raised.

"We talked to one guy he is a third-generation on the ranch putting those cattle genetics together building those for three generations and it was all wiped out in 24 hours time."

 Donations and calls have come in from all over Texas.. .and from all over the world including London and Alaska.

Next up, a plan to rebuild the herds. So far Keeth says more than three dozen head of cattle have been donated to ranchers in the fire's path.