New ERCOT website to warn of possible power shortages

Texans are expected to use a record amount of energy this summer.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas – the agency that operates the state’s power grid – has a new plan to alert Texans when it needs help keeping the lights on.

ERCOT has already said the grid may struggle to meet demand in extreme conditions during the hottest days.

The agency points out the population of Texas and the size of the state’s economy continue to grow at a substantial rate. Last year 11 records were set for peak energy demand.

And that’s why it is launching a new website called TXANS, which stands for Texas Advisory and Notification System.

The idea is to provide the state’s residents with advanced weather warnings and conservation notices if people need to cut back on their electricity use.


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"The public is following ERCOT and how the grid is performing more closely than ever before. We know this and we are committed to keeping communications with the media and with Texans rolling in the right direction," said Pablo Vargas, ERCOT’s president and CEO. "We are striving for clear and consistent communications to help keep Texans informed."

The TXANS website will offer the state’s residents three to five days advanced notice prior to a significant weather event or power supply shortage.

Vargas said ERCOT is not expecting to have to issue many conservation notices this summer. But the idea is to have a mechanism in place to get the word out just in case.

To sign up for alerts, visit