McDonald's 'happy' meals came with cocaine

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A manager at a Bronx McDonald's is accused of taking "Happy Meals" to a whole new level.

Police in New York City say that night shift manager Frank Guerrero sold cocaine out of a McDonald's franchise on Bruckner Boulevard in the Soundview section of the borough.  The bust came after a three-month investigation.  Authorities say that Guerrero allegedly made eight sales of cocaine to an undercover officer in increasingly larger quantities.

Guerrero has worked at the 24-hour location for at least eight years.  Prosecutors say he used his position as a cover for dealing drugs.  They claim that although restaurant customers are only able to order at the drive-through window during the night shift, Guerrero would give special treatment to his drug customers, unlocking the front door and inviting them into the restaurant.

In one of the undercover buys, authorities claim that Guerrero allegedly concealed cocaine within a cookie bag, which he placed inside a larger McDonald’s order containing two cheeseburgers, a soda and fries. Other McDonald’s employees were working at the restaurant at the time.

In a court-approved search of his home, authorities say they found 200 grams of cocaine and approximately $5,300 cash. The money was found inside a dresser in a child’s play room. A child of approximately two years of age and the child’s mother.  Leidy Cabral Castillo was also arrested on drug charges and unlawfully dealing with a child charges.

No information about their attorneys was immediately available.