Man who threatened Dallas PD substation on suicide watch

The man accused of threatening Dallas police officers on Wednesday remained in the Dallas County jail on suicide watch and undergoing a mental health evaluation on Thursday.

Adan Salazar, 22, drove up to the Southwest Dallas police patrol division Thursday afternoon and started rambling, shouting put on a mask and was threatening to shoot officers. Salazar was arrested and charged with making a terroristic threat and inside his vehicle police say they found a mask, two loaded 9mm pistols and some marijuana.

Until now, he did not have a criminal record. But on his Facebook page he posted a pictures of himself holding guns and wearing a mask.

Off-camera family members told FOX 4 News that Salazar frequently smoked marijuana, but was not a troublemaker and they were not aware of any mental health problems.

Dallas police rank-and-file officers said they are undermanned and vulnerable to these kinds of threats because the patrol stations do not have secure perimeters.

Jennifer Brown’s husband James was involved in the June 13, 2015 attack on the Dallas police headquarters. His squad car was hit multiple times with bullets tearing through his windshield, Seat and seat belt.

"How do you explain your small child there was somebody else today that went to daddy's work with a gun that wants to kill mommy or daddy,” Jennifer Brown said.

Officer Brown escaped without injury. But with that incident and the downtown Dallas ambush last July fresh on the minds of rank-and-file officers, Salazar's threats on Wednesday strike a chord.

"You're lucky our guys grab him before he got in and figure out what he was up to, but you know sometimes that luck runs out,” said Frederick Fraser, Dallas Police Association. “We are all targeted so it's very disturbing that our city leadership has still not stepped up to figure out a plan to secure the substations.”

Dallas police do have officers posted at the main entrances to the police substations, but there’s been no additional physical barriers installed.