Man shot by Mesquite police officer says his hands were up

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A man shot by a Mesquite police officer says he had his hands up when he was shot.

Lyndo Jones spent nearly a week in the hospital handcuffed to the bed. He went home Tuesday night after the charge against him was dropped. He spoke publicly for the first time about what led up to the incident.

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The shooting happened last week. Jones says the Mesquite Police Department’s version of the incident is simply not accurate.

Last Wednesday, Mesquite police responded to a burglary call and saw Jones sitting in a truck with an alarm going off. Police say there was a confrontation with the officer who shot Jones. They said Jones continued to fight until three more officers had to subdue him.

It turns out the truck belonged to Jones. He says police approached him with flashlights in his eyes and guns drawn. He initially argued about why he was being ordered out of his truck. But once he got out, he says he stood in front of the officer with his hands up and was shot seemingly seconds later without having time to comply.

“I looked at the ground. He said, ‘what?’ He had this look on his face with his gun in his hand looking at me,” Jones claimed. “And he shot me. ‘Boom!’ He shot me. He spit after. He said, ‘what?’ He shot me. ‘Boom.’ Then, he spit.”

Jones say when he regained consciousness, three officers were on top of him.

“I’m handcuffed, and he was fumbling with my behind,” he recalled. “I said, ‘What is you doing? Call an ambulance!’ That’s what I’m telling him.”

Jones said he does not remember exactly when he was shot the second time but believes it possibly was while he was handcuffed.

Mesquite police say Jones was exhibiting superhuman strength and took three officers to subdue him. Jones said it's impossible because he only weighs 130 pounds.

The officer who shot Jones has been identified as Derek Wiley. His attorney says Wiley gave a statement for the first time to the Mesquite Police Department Wednesday afternoon. The attorney says the video of the incident tells a much different story than Jones. She says she will let the facts speak for themselves.

Wiley’s attorney adds he was acting in the line of duty and was only doing his job.

Attorneys for Jones say they plan to file a civil lawsuit.