Lancaster teacher accused of offering extra credit for sex acts

A Lancaster High School teacher has abruptly resigned during an investigation of alleged sexually explicit text messages.

The allegations are that the teacher sent inappropriate text messages offering extra credit to at least two students in exchange for sexual acts. The teacher has not been arrested or charged, so his name is not being made public.

“We as parents, we are not happy with it,” one parent said. “We are totally upset with it, something should be done about it.”

The parents and their 16-year-old sons, who are students at Lancaster H.S., aren’t being named by FOX4 because the alleged activity could be a sex crime.

The students say a first year teacher who previously taught in Duncanville and DeSoto school districts made inappropriate sexual advances towards them in exchange for extra credit.

The teens said the teacher sent text messages and reportedly showed them a "wish list" of sexual favors on his phone.

“He showed me all three things that was on there and I was like, ‘I can't do this,’ and I just left the classroom,” one of the teens said.

One of the teens said the teacher would sometimes make physical contact while in the classroom and he would try to move out of the way.

On Friday morning, one of them complained to the principal and the teacher immediately escorted out of the building.

“What I was told as a parent this is the first time that this has come up with this teacher,” the teens’ parent said. “He hadn’t been in any more trouble, this is the only incident.”

But the parents said they feel angry and betrayed that a teacher entrusted with kids would attempt to do something illegal.

Child Protective Services has been notified and the incident was reported to the Texas Education Agency and local law enforcement.