John Wiley Price's tax returns discussed at corruption trial

John Wiley Price's tax returns were dissected in court Monday by IRS agents.

The government is trying to prove the Dallas County Commissioner tried to hide $1 million in bribe payments that and Price was getting income from multiple sources he wasn’t reporting.

“The really interesting thing here is whether those failure to report income is outside the limitations period that the defense argues is applicable,” said trial attorney Chrysta Castaneda, who was observing court proceedings.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars allegedly went to price from Daphney Fain, Kathy Nealy and Karen Manning's art gallery where price sold his African art.

“What the government showed was that there were payments made,” Castaneda said. “What I think the defense is going to try to show is that the government didn’t address all of the payments back and forth and still can’t disprove that these were for other purposes other than income.”

The government's case is winding down in the trial. But speculation is ramping up as to whether Price will take the stand in his own defense.

“I think what’s going to happen is his attorneys are going to see where they are when the government rests and make a determination -- does the jury think there’s a reasonable doubt about what the government is trying to prove. If they feel that there’s a reasonable doubt, then most likely they will not put Mr. Price on the stand.”