Hometown Hero: Gilbert Gonzales

February 17, 2010 is the day Gilbert Gonzales started his second life. That's the day he got a liver transplant from a 24-year-old man.  The retired mail man told me every time he hears of someone getting a donated organ, it makes him tear up because he deeply knows what that gift means to the family of a departed loved one and the promise of new life for the recipient.

In 2012, Gonzales competed against other transplant recipients in the U.S. Transplant Games in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the next year he competed in Durban, South Africa. He's competed in Houston, Argentina and Cleveland in the long jump, high jump, shot put, javelin and discus.

Gonzales is an advocate for health and exercise for everyone, especially transplant recipients. "Get moving, get off the couch" he says. Gonzales takes daily anti-rejection drugs and is thankful for his good health at age 66.

His transplant was at Baylor Dallas and that's where he's a "Liver Ambassador". He talks to patients pre-transplant or post-transplant. He knows what they're going through because he's been through it. They call him an "inspiration".

At the end of June, Gonzales will compete in the World Transplant Games in Malaga, Spain. He's got 8 bronze and silver medals from past games and he's determined to bring home the Gold in discus.