Harvey the Hurricane Hawk released in Plano

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Harvey the Hurricane Hawk is now flying through the skies of North Texas.

The bird became famous and after taking refuge in a Houston man's taxi during Hurricane Harvey and refused to leave. She became an instant viral sensation.

The taxi driver took care of Harvey until a member of the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition for professional care.

The Houston-based animal care facility then took Harvey to the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center in Lucas for rehabilitation.

"Cooper hawks eat songbirds and other types of birds," said Jess Glotzbach with the raptor center. "And with all the flooding down there, the food source wasn't like what they wanted it to be. So they said let's release it in Dallas where we know everything is fine."

Harvey has healed up fast. She was released Wednesday afternoon in the parking lot of Oak Point Amphitheater in Plano.