Grapevine PD looking for thief in ‘jugging' robbery

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Police in Grapevine are looking for a thief who followed a man from a bank to steal his money.

The practice of following people from banks to steal their money is called ‘jugging.’

In a recent case in Grapevine, police are hopeful someone will recognize the thief caught on surveillance video. They also want to show people how fast you can become a victim.

A Conoco gas station employee was returning from the bank around 4 p.m. last Friday. He was carrying the cash bag and was walking toward the store when a man jumped out of a silver SUV and chased down the worker.

While running away, the gas station employee stumbled and fell, dropping the money bag. The thief managed to grab the bag and take off. The store worker tried to give chase but the robber and his getaway driver got away.

“It happened in less than two minutes. It was fast,” said with the Grapevine Police Department. “We think this was a case of jugging, which is when thieves target banks and they wait for someone to go inside and come back out who look like they’re carrying a big amount of money. So they’re either carrying a cash bag or a coin box or something like that that tells a thief this person will have a lot of cash that we can take quickly."

Investigators say they want people to be especially alert and take precautions against this type of crime. Police suggest concealing all money before walking out of a bank or check cashing business and to be sure to pay close attention to anyone who may be following you or seems suspicious.

The thief is described as a black male, approximately 6'6", weighing 300 pounds, with facial hair. The man was wearing a black shirt and cap, red shorts, black shoes, and gloves that were white on the back of the hand, and black on the palm side.

Anyone who recognizes the thief is urged to contact the Grapevine Police Department.