Grand Prairie mom describes baby's attempted kidnapping

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A Grand Prairie mother described the terrifying moment when her 10-month-old daughter was almost kidnapped.

The mom says it happened Wednesday night at the Kroger on Pioneer Parkway when she was unloading groceries. A black Dodge truck pulled up with two men inside. Then a man came up to her and started pulling on her shopping car with her baby inside.

Victoria Edwards is determined to find the men who tried to take her 10-month old daughter, Madison, right in front of her eyes during a grocery run.

“I pull up with the basket about right here. My son goes on and gets in,” she recalled. “I go to cut the AC on. And as I go to cut the AC on, my son yells that someone's trying to take the baby.”

Edwards says when she turned around, she came face to face with a man trying to grab her daughter out of the cart.

“I'm screaming, ‘Let the basket go! Let my baby go! Let her go! Let everything go, and get out of here! You need to leave!’” she said. “He's like yelling to me. He's trying to say hi as he's trying to get her out.”

Edwards says she fought with the man, tugging back and forth on the cart. She credits a seatbelt strap in the shopping cart for helping to keep little Madison in place.

“My first thought is if I let this buggy go, she's gone,” she said. “So I have to keep this buggy.”

Edwards says the man eventually gave up and hopped in a getaway truck with another man driving. Surveillance cameras caught an older model black Dodge Ram four-door truck with tinted windows the would-be kidnapper and his driver are believed to have escaped in.

Grand Prairie police have since stepped up their presence around the area.

“This kind of crime does not happen in our city. We have not had any sort of offense like this,” said Grand Prairie Officer Chelsea Kretz. “We are deploying maximum resources in order to find the suspect because at the end of the day a young girl was almost taken from her mother.”

But thanks to 5-year old Marcus, his little sister is safe. He says he doesn't remember much about the man he spotted.

“I just saw him waving at Maddie, and Maddie was looking at him,” the boy said.

But as police search for the man and his accomplice, the Edwards are just thankful they're all still together.

Police say they're working several leads and are dedicating their resources to finding the attempted kidnapper and his accomplice as soon as possible.