Friends hope woman missing since condo fire will be found safe

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Firefighters continued putting out hot spots at a Dallas condo building, Sunday night, nearly two days after the 7 alarm fire began. More than 100 people were displaced as a result of the Friday night fire.

One woman with dementia, 89-year-old Jaqueline McDonald, still has not been accounted for. Police are looking for her in case she wandered off.

Linda Meyer says she was barely able to escape alive as her condo went up in flames. “I grabbed my dog, I grabbed my coat, I grabbed my purse and I'm out, other neighbors were starting to come," she said.

All 60 units of the building were destroyed as the flames swept through the complex.

"Everyone was looking that night.  Where's Jackie? Where's Jackie?  No one knew,” said Meyer.

Meyer says her friend of 15 years and condo neighbor was not accounted for after the fire, and according to Dallas Police has not been seen since right before the fire started.

Leigh Marks has known McDonald since she was 8 years old. Trying to remain strong, she says she was comforted by her Sunday sermon. "It was of faith, hope and love sermon, in the darkest of times.  So, I'm trying to focus in on the faith hope and love."

Friends say McDonald was well liked and admired in the building. "She was a lovely lady!  She always looked beautiful, she was always smiling.  She and her son are very close. He called her every single day,” said Meyer.

Even on Sunday, fire crews remained in rotation. What the fire did not destroy, the water did, even filling up the basement garage.