Fort Worth officer, wife killed in motorcycle crash

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A veteran Fort Worth police officer and his wife were killed Friday morning in a motorcycle crash.

It’s an emotional loss for both the department and relatives of the victims. The Fort Worth Police Department has chosen not to make any public comment on the fatal accident, which occurred when the officer was off duty. But there is no doubt the loss is weighing heavily on those who knew and respected the officer.

Husband and wife Michael and Mary Valdez took a photo Thursday night a short time before they died in a motorcycle accident.

44-year-old Michael was a veteran Fort Worth police officer and was most recently working with the departments' intelligence unit. 

After a night out in Fort Worth's cultural district, the officer and his wife lost control of the Harley bike in the 3300 block of Trail Drive around 2 a.m. Both of them were riding near the street drainage opening.

Michael died at the scene. Mary passed away a short time later at the hospital.

Mary's brother from San Antonio, where the couple was from, says Michael was a very experienced rider, and the family can't imagine why he lost control.

"They've been on the bike forever. They've gone on long journeys,” Sid Ramos said. “It was just shocking when we heard how they had died on the bike. What happened to lose control of the bike?"

Michael's adult son was nearby in another vehicle when the accident happened. The couple was also parents to a 15-year-old daughter, who was home at the time.

The family says Mike and Mary enjoyed their precious moments together and helping others. They had plans to go to San Antonio this weekend for a family reunion.  Now, that gathering will be a celebration of their lives.