Former residents of Dallas condo still in limbo after deadly fire

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Residents who lost their homes in the deadly 7-alarm Preston Place condo fire are still in limbo as they wait to salvage what's left of their belongings.

The smell of charred wood lingers around the remains of the condo building, more than a week after the massive fire destroyed all 60 units and killed an 89-year-old woman.

“It was just in shambles, it just looked like a war zone, just awful, it was just burning,” said neighbor, Rebecca Martinez.

Residents are still unable to go inside to see if anything is salvageable.

Pam Schweitzer is one of those who everything to the fire. She is trying to find her two cats Tigger and Skeeter.

“It's very emotional, it's very hard. I mean, I'm borrowing these clothes from my granddaughters. We have nothing.”

Schweitzer says she ran upstairs to help her mom and other neighbors get out the night of the March 3rd fire.
“I ran back in to get blankets and I grabbed the cages, and threw them by the front door and I looked at the cats and said I'll be right back,” said Schweitzer. But she wasn’t allowed back in.

Fire investigators still haven’t been able to safely get back inside to determine the cause of the fire.