Former Pres. Bush honors vets with Portraits of Courage

His artwork has been seen by millions.

A book featuring the artwork and the brave service members he's profiled is a New York Times bestseller.

He was also President of the United States.

George W. Bush attended an event at SMU Monday night featuring his work and honoring those heroes he's come to know personally.

It was a sold out event at the Bush Presidential Center on the SMU campus. Hundreds went to see the Portraits of Courage Exhibit — a four panel mural with 66 full-color paintings all by the hand of George W. Bush.

They are portraits of soldiers who've served with honor since 9-11, men and women who the president has come to know personally.

Fifty-five of the soldiers were at the exhibit. Saul Martinez was one of them.

"I'm stoked and awed by how it looks,” he said. “It captured all my characteristics, captured the look on my face. Yeah, I'm impressed.”

And according to the Bush Institute, the paintings and the stories behind them have produced the bestselling art book in history.

The event also included Former President Bush engaging in conversation with some of the wounded vets he's come to know.

Miguel Howe heads up the Bush Institute’s military service initiative.

“It really is a love story between a commander and chief and the men and women who served with him since September 11,” he said.

“My goal is to remind people that the military is awesome, and we ought to support the military and their families all the time,” Bush said.

The Portraits of Courage Exhibit will be at the Bush Institute Museum through October