EXCLUSIVE: Victim of Deep Ellum carjacking shares his story

Dallas Police are still searching for three carjacking suspects. The victim, Pierre. Mora spoke exclusively with FOX 4. He says the night is still a blur, but he remembers getting into his car when he believes he was pistol whipped.

It happened around 2:30 Friday morning, along Main St. in Deep Ellum. The 26-year-old says he was parked right in front of “The Door” music venue, which had already closed for the night. Mora says he woke up in the Driver’s seat of his car, surrounded by three men who demanded he drive to an ATM. Mora told them he didn’t have a bank card, but made the mistake of also telling them he kept his money at home, where his parents and 6-year-old son were sleeping. They told him to drive there.

“There were times I thought about crashing the car, there were times I looked out onto the freeway and thought about jumping out at 60mph,” said Mora. “We get up to the door and one of the guys is trying to open the door. He's using his shirt so he doesn't get any fingerprints on the key and he can't open it…”
“…As soon as I opened it slowly, I slammed the door behind me and locked it.

Mora says the men took off in his car. His mom found him bleeding on the floor and called 911. Mora had to get a staple in the back of the head where he was repeatedly hit with the gun. He also has swelling down his neck and right cheek, but did not suffer any internal bleeding.

Dallas Police are asking for help finding these suspects from anyone who may have been in the area and seen something suspicious. Mora's vehicle was found abandoned on 67 and Beltline in Cedar Hill. Detectives are dusting for fingerprints.