DeSoto board renews football coach's contract

The coach who led DeSoto High School to its first state football championship will keep his job.

The DeSoto school board renewed Coach Todd Peterman’s contract Monday night without addressing the ongoing controversy.

Some board members reportedly wanted him fired two weeks ago, saying they received information that made them reconsider his contract.  The complaint apparently was from a letter to the University Interscholastic League, which governs Texas high school sports, claiming Peterman violated UIL rules.

The board would not say what that information was or what the allegations were related to. Peterman has denied doing anything wrong and asked the board to publicly clear his name and reputation.

Most of the parents who spoke at Monday night's meeting spoke in support of Peterman. Only one parent spoke out against him, saying:  "Yes he's a great coach. Yes he can win football games but it doesn't give him a pass on moral content and what levels he can go and what lines he's to cross."

The coach’s attorney told FOX 4 that the superintendent ultimately recommended the board should renew his contract.

“Everything we voted on tonight was a blanket slate. We did not separate anyone. No one was individualized. Everything was voted on together. When we talk about all teachers and all administrators, we voted on the superintendent’s recommendation,” said Carl Sherman, Jr. the DeSoto ISD president.

“I can say that Coach Peterman will be in place for next year and we are excited about the upcoming football year,” Sherman later added.

Some of Peterman’s supporters have suggested race played a role in the controversy. He is white and most of his players are black.