City of Dallas discusses potential hyperloop system in Texas

A company working to revolutionize high-speed travel met with the city of Dallas to pitch a "Texas Hyperloop" on Monday.

Engineering company AECOM is proposing a 640 mile tube system to link Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Laredo.

The hyperloop would use a vacuum to move people in levitating pods. They're suggesting the trip from Dallas to Austin would take 19 minutes.

A senior urban designer with the project was on FOX4’s Good Day on Monday morning and said they may not build in Texas first -- but the project will happen somewhere.

“Hyperloop One fully intends to have a working, full-scale hyperloop system somewhere in the world by 2021,” said Steven Duong. “Now, that may not necessarily be in the U.S. because we have stringent regulatory policies here in the U.S. and difficult financing mechanisms, but you could certainly see something maybe in China or India by 2021."

Plans for a bullet train from Dallas to Houston are already underway. AECOM says it wants a hyperloop to supplement that plan with a different route, not replace it.