Bride-to-be gets kidney transplant in time for wedding

A North Texas bride-to-be in need of a kidney got a transplant just in time for her wedding.

Anu Phillips, 28, had been on a transplant waiting list since 2012 for end stage renal disease. She was matched to an organ donor at Medical City Dallas just six days before her wedding day.

Anu is Indian and says it is highly unusual in her culture to marry a person who is sick, but her boyfriend proposed anyway hoping for a miracle -- and they got one.

"So for him to choose me, and say yes -- he had so much faith,” Phillips said. “He knew I was going to get healed. I always tell him because he chose me, God gave me a kidney.”

Anu's doctor says the kidney came with just enough time for her to recover to make it to her big day.

"The opportunity for her was to get a really good kidney and we had to make a decision on can we get her the kidney and get her in and out of the hospital and get her to that wedding on time,” said Dr. Matthew Mulloy.

Anu and her fiance got married with 400 of their family and friends in attendance.

Her doctor says her prognosis looks good because she's a young healthy woman with a good kidney transplant.