Bride robbed of $100,000 in valuables at Ritz-Carlton Dallas

A new bride says memories of her wedding day are tarnished after $100,000 worth valuables were stolen while staying at the Ritz Carlton in Dallas.

Friday night after Jeanette Engler's rehearsal dinner, she returned to her room to find it ransacked.

"It will never be the day that I wanted it to be because I didn't get any sleep. I spent all night screaming and crying," she said.

Engler said the burglar took her most prized possessions.

"My engagement ring was gone. My wedding rings were gone. My mom had gotten me a sapphire and diamond ring for Christmas that was supposed to be my something old and something blue. Gone," she said.

Chanel earrings for her bridesmaids and a Chanel necklace for her wedding planner were also stolen. Engler said the burglar took makeup, a Gucci wallet, her wedding day accessories and a Gucci wallet.

She thought about calling off  the wedding.

"All day yesterday, I didn't even know if I wanted to do the wedding because I just couldn't pull myself together because everything was just, like, ruined," Engler said.

The new bride said the hotel never told her about a safe in the room, nor at the front desk. She also said some of her guests were able to get key-card access to hotel rooms without showing ID.

The general manager of the Ritz in Dallas would not comment on specific security measures at the hotel.

"Police are investigating two incidents at the hotel. We take the safety and security of our guests very seriously, and are cooperating with [Dallas] police," the general manager said.

Engler said that second incident the manager referred to involves her own wedding officiant. He said his room at the Ritz was also broken into Thursday night -- the night before the bride's room was burglarized.

No notice was sent out about that burglary.