Body camera, 911 calls played at Mavs ManiAAC murder trial

Prosecutors played dramatic 911 calls and body camera video in court Tuesday from the night four people were murdered by a former Mavericks ManiAAC.

Prosecutors say the body camera footage shown was from Erbie Bowser's second stop on a shooting spree that left four women dead and four children injured.

Jurors saw and heard officers reacting to what they encountered -- a house torn apart by an explosive device, two dead bodies and children desperate for help.

The first DeSoto officers on scene discovered Zena Bowser and her adult daughter Neima Williams shot to death. They also found three boys -- the youngest Neiman's son -- the only one uninjured.

An officer testified the children had to step over Williams’ body to leave the room.

Initially police were unsure if the man they discovered face down in a room, bowser, was the shooter.

DeSoto officer Preston Hammel said the scene was “total chaos.” He testified police later realized the home hadn't been shot up, but was an explosive device used by Bowser to get in with shrapnel covering the walls.

Also on the stand were the 911 call takers who spoke to one of the boys and Williams while they hid in a closet. The call taker cried as she and the jury heard Williams identify bowser and beg for her life before she was shot in the head.

Today's testimony focused mostly on the second crime scene in DeSoto, but prosecutors said Bowser's first stop was in Dallas where he killed his girlfriend and her daughter and shot two others.

The defense is claiming Bowser is innocent by reason of insanity.

Defense attorneys also took issue with the body camera video -- questioning both responding officers why they turned their cameras on at the scene, but then none of them had their cameras on to capture bowser being removed and taken to jail.