Ballet dancer saves man from subway tracks

Applause isn't anything new for Gray Davis. But as a member of the American Ballet Theatre he usually receives it for his performance on stage and not on the subway tracks.

Leaving the Met Saturday with his wife and mother, they noticed an argument between a man and a woman across the tracks on the opposite platform. Davis said the couple's tiff escalated quickly. He said he heard a lot of screaming and then the woman started hitting the man, who fell onto the tracks.

Davis ran towards their platform while others screamed for help. He said he heard a train coming but could tell from which direction.

The 58-year-old man hit his head in the fall and lay unconscious on the tracks. Davis is suffering from a herniated disk, so he has been out of the lineup at the ballet for the last month. Thinking only of the victim, he put his ballet training using his legs to lift the heavyset man.


Davis said he rolled the man over his shoulder but couldn't get him onto the platform because of its height. So someone else then pulled the unconscious man up the rest of the way onto the platform. Davis then threw his leg up, and someone helped him off the tracks.

The victim is recovering, thanks to Davis.

The woman is under arrest, thanks to other witnesses.