American Airlines workers protest at DFW Airport

Hundreds of American Airlines employees turned out to protest at DFW Airport on Wednesday.

The transportation workers union arranged for a shuttle to take protesters to the airport.

American Airlines mechanics and ground workers picketed over contract negotiation delays and the plan to outsource U.S.-based jobs.

Contract negotiations have been going on since 2015. Picket organizers said in a release they are calling on the company to start bargaining on good faith and to deliver on the industry’s best contracts, which they said executives have been promising for nearly two years.

The union also takes issue with American’s plan to outsource some maintenance work to several South American countries and China.

American Airlines released a statement saying in part they value the maintenance and fleet service team and they want to make sure they are well compensated.

“That was the motivation for last summer’s unprecedented wages, which gave our team the highest wages in the industry,” the company said.

American expects to have the discussions through August. The protests  began at 11 a.m. and lasted through 1 p.m.