Allen PD looking for thieves who used child to steal from store

Police in Allen are looking for a couple of criminals who are a bad influence.

The suspects brought a child with them when they robbed a bicycle store.

Bicycles Plus employees say the group knew exactly what they were looking for and what to do.

Jason Ramirez was working at Bicycles Plus when two adults and a young girl walked in Thursday afternoon just after 1 p.m.

“Everyday family,” he said. “Didn't look out of place at all.”

Ramirez says everyone working in the store was busy with customers. Meanwhile, a man is seen on camera re-arranging clothes and looking at price tags.

“He pulled this shirt over to make it look like that rack was full, “Ramirez said.

Shortly after, a woman and a girl walk in also seemingly looking at clothes.

“His wife and daughter followed as a lookout,” Ramirez said.

The man then swiped the entire rack he'd been arranging right in front of the girl.

“He literally put his whole arm in there, picked up the whole rack and sticks it to his wife here,” Ramirez said.

Employees believe the woman concealed the merchandise under her long skirt and say the trio walked out with nearly $3,600 in bike shorts.

The stolen merchandise hurts the store's bottom line. But what shocks employees even more is how the adults brought a child along with them. They say the girl only looked to be about 12-years old, though police don't have a specific age or any leads on suspects right now.

“Great way to raise your daughter,” Ramirez sarcastically said. “That's a wonderful way to show your kid how to grow up in this world and be successful.”

Allen police also haven't said what the relationship may be between the three. Store employees hope someone can recognize the thieves before they target someone else.

“It's pretty upsetting. I was appalled, “Ramirez said. “I don't think that's anything for a kid to be experiencing at a young age.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Allen Police Department.