23-year-old woman caught with $2M worth of crystal meth

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Austin police arrested a woman who they say was on her way to Dallas with $2 million worth of crystal meth.

Officers reportedly stopped 23-year-old Seline Lizbeth Ayala of Laredo for going too fast on Interstate 35 on July 12.

They said she started acting suspicious so they called in a drug dog to search her vehicle. The K-9 found about 75 pounds of liquid crystal methamphetamine hidden inside several large white “Purple Power” degreaser jugs, police said.

According to police, there were two other people in the car including Ayala's 4-year-old daughter.

In a later interview, she told police this was not her first meth delivery. In late June she made a delivery to Carrollton. This time, she said an unidentified man asked her to drive the meth to Dallas from Laredo. She agreed and was to be paid when she returned.

Ayala is now facing federal drug trafficking charges.

Police said the street value the drugs was about $2 million.