Texas scientists breed new heartier turf

It's not easy in the dead of the Texas summer to keep your lawn green without spending a fortune. But FOX 4's Dan Godwin says turf scientists at the Texas A&M Agrilife Center are researching and breeding better lawns.

Dr. Ambika Chandra, TAMU's lead turf breeding scientist, said Agrilife stirs up images of sprawling rural areas and wheat farms. But most of what she does is specifically for sustainable urban living. She and fellow scientists have created new, heartier and more sustainable turf.

TamStar is a drought resistant St. Augustine grass for the southern United States, from East Texas to Florida and up to Mississippi and South Carolina.

KSUZ 0802 is a cold hardy hybrid Zoysia grass for across the U.S. transition zone. So that includes the southern half of the U.S. including Texas.

For more information about where to buy them, visit dallas.tamu.edu/research/turf/ or wateruniversity.tamu.edu.