Ancient Grains Salad

Chef Jason Ferraro from Sugarbacon Proper Kitchen stops by Good Day to make a tasty salad.

Ancient Grains Salad     

Farro, Cooked 2 oz  
Red Quinoa, Cooked 2 oz  
White Quinoa, Cooked 2 oz  
Chicken Breast, Grilled, Sliced 6 oz  
Dried Golden Raisin 0.5 oz  
Dried Cranberry 0.5 oz  
Toasted Seeds 1 TBSP  
Citrus Ginger Vinaigrette 3 oz  
Picked Parsley Leaves 1.5 g  
Picked Cilantro Leaves 1.5 g  
Pickled Fresno 1 oz  
Puffed Sorghum 2 TBSP  
Green Onion, bias cut 20 g  
Salt & Pepper

Combine everything together in a bowl except the puffed sorghum and mix, season with salt and pepper, lay salad down on a plate and top with puffed sorghum.    

Toasted Seeds    

White Sesame Seed 1 oz  
Black Sesame Seed 1 oz  
Caraway Seed 1 oz  
Celery Seed 1 oz  
Cumin Seed 1 oz  
Brown or Yellow Mustard Seed 1 oz  
Fennel Seed 1 oz  
Green Pumpkin Seed 2 oz  
Sunflower Seed 2 oz  

Combine all together and gently toast in a pan, pour out onto a 1/2 sheet tray to cool. Once cooled transfer to a deli cup, date label, cover.     

Citrus Ginger Vinaigrette    

Orange Juice 1 Cup  
Lemon Juice 1 Cup  
Lime Juice 1 Cup  
Ginger 4 oz  

Combine all juices together in a pot and deduce by half    

Add together in a blender: 
Red Wine Vinegar 2 Cups  
Sugar 1 Cups  
Honey 1 Cups  
Fresh Thyme 1 tea  
Salt 2 tea  
Pepper 2 tea  
Dijon 1 TBSP  

Slowly blend with Canola Oil 2 Cups  

Puffed Sorghum    

Popping Sorghum 4 TBSP  
Canola Oil 1 TBSP  
Salt  Pinch  

In a heavy duty pot with a lid add the canola oil and heat up. Add Popping Sorghum and cover with a lid. Once you hear the Sorghum start popping turn the heat down a little.

When the Sorghum stops popping, take the lid off, season with salt and pour out onto a tray to cool.