Dodging drops, then summer-y sweat!

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Sticky, Stormy, Steamy! Period.

Just walk outside and feel the "muggies" return. Dewpoints are above 70 and we have a few showers in the Gulf air this morning. Coverage will increase as we heat this atmosphere after noon or 1pm...up to 60% esp. from the Metroplex east/south. Some storms will have tropical, heavy downpours. highs will get into the mid 80s.

The disturbance causing these will move across the area tonight then into western co's tomorrow. There will still be showers (esp. this evening) and then again Wed. from FTW west (30%). Highs again in the mid 80s in the muggy air.

By Thursday and Friday, HIGH PRESSURE moves in aloft which will shut off the showers and increase temps back close to 90.

There will be a weak cold front, which now looks to stall on the Red River (isol. shower Saturday 20%) before lifting north Sunday. We may see some low 90s that day as south winds increase.

There is a strong FALL FRONT on the way next week. Whether it arrives Monday or Tuesday is still up in the air...but these crazy October temps will come to an end!