Day #5 with chances for rain!

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Last day of Dodging Drops! Then some pretty nice June weather arrives...

The LOW pressure system that has brought rounds of storms to many in NTX since Thursday is still very close.There are showers this morning (albeit spotty) capable of heavy rain. Coverage is low to start, but will again ramp up to about 50% midday-PM-eve as we heat into the 80s. Main threats are still lightning and flooding.

These will die off overnight and north winds will kick in to help dry us out. Partly sunny skies and warm temps just above 90 are in the forecast.

We get a reinforcing shot of dry air Tuesday night, so Wednesday and Thursday look pleasant! Lows in the 60s, highs upper 80s. Just a few clouds although we will be watching some storms in the Panhandle and into Oklahoma closely.

A few may survive Thursday night-Fri. AM to impact areas from DFW west before dissipating. Friday temps will inch back toward 90.

This weekend will be about what you expect from June. Increasing warmth and humidity. Highs low 90s with south winds picking up.