Tell It To Tim: Debate, state troopers & vacation days

It's Friday and time to hear what you had to say about the biggest stories of the week. The Democrats are daring to take on President Trump, state troopers are invading Dallas and someone has taken a lot of vacation recently.

Tell It To Tim: Trump, Zeke & the time change

Democrats face a tough choice, a Cowboys player makes a bad choice and this week viewers are talking about Daylight Saving Time. Tim doesn't mind it. He says parents are welcome to send their cranky kids to him if they'd like. "I'm very patient with children. Not very patient with adults but very patient with children. It will be fine!"

Tell It To Tim: Police shooting, abortion and cyclists

Viewers this week think the best way for DeSoto ISD to save money is to cut school board salaries. The shooting death of a woman by a police officer near Houston raised tough issues. And commentator Mark Davis defended Alabama's new abortion law. Plus, take your two wheels and get out of my way!!

Tell It to Tim: Fake hate crimes, politics & NASCAR

A celebrity is off the hook, the president is declaring victory and viewers had a lot to say about a woman who was punched in the face. You might be surprised by this Tell It To Tim. And what about NASCAR??