Fox4ward: Changing Ourselves For the Better

If we're honest, almost all of us have certain habits, traits, or qualities that we'd like to change. But at some point in life, many of us conclude that altering who we are, is just not in the cards. But an SMU researcher is finding out that changing ourselves for the better, is well within our reach. Dan Godwin has this Fox4ward.

Fox4ward: Influencing Others on Social Media

Sometimes, having lots of friends and followers online can turn into a lucrative career.  For Social Media Influencers, "likes" and "clicks" translate into dollars.

Fox4ward: A More Employee-Friendly Workplace

As we get further into the 21st century, what we think of as the traditional workplace is changing.   In this Fox4ward, Dan Godwin looks at some of the design features that companies are using, to keep their workers from going elsewhere.

Fox4ward: New Biography Chronicles Texas Blues Legend

Stevie Ray Vaughan left us way too soon, but the music he created will live forever.   The boy who grew up in Oak Cliff gained international fame as a guitarist, singer and songwriter.    In this Fox4ward, Dan Godwin sits down with the co-authors of a major new book about "SRV". 

Fox4ward: Schools Developing Drone Programs

If you want to talk about industries with growth potential, unmanned aviation is at the top of the list.    And a growing number of local school districts are offering training, in all aspects of drone technlogy.  Dan Godwin has this Fox4ward.  

Fox4ward: Changes Brewing for Downtown Dallas

A couple of new ventures will be giving a boost to Downtown Dallas.  Pegasus City Brewery will open a new location, in one of downtown's oldest high-rises.   And right next door, AT&T is spending 100 million dollars, to create a whole new environment in the heart of the city.   Dan Godwin has a look, in this Fox4ward.

Fox4ward: The Costs, and Rewards, of Pursuing a Dream

Anyone who sets a lofty goal, like a career in acting, better have laser focus, and be ready to make sacrifices.  A Mansfield teen is learning what it takes, to do what she loves most.   Dan Godwin sits down with Ella Morrow, and her mom, to talk about making a mark, in front of the camera.

Fox4ward: New Kind of Concert Experience Coming to Frisco

It's called "Music Street Frisco", a 6.7 acre, 40-million dollar entertainment and restaurant complex.    The centerpiece will be a thousand seat, state-of-the-art concert hall, with some of the best acoustics anywhere.   Dan Godwin takes a look, in this Fox4ward. 

Fox4ward: Building A Tasty Local Business

If you regularly attend the State Fair of Texas, you may well have seen "Doc's Street Grill" on the Midway.  The Caribbean-style cuisine is a hit at the fair, a Big Tex Choice Award Finalist, and now, it's the basis for a new restaurant.   Dan Godwin has the story, in this Fox4ward.

Fox4ward: Boosting Memory with Electrical Current

There's lots of talk thse days about boosting our mental peformance.  For example, if you want to enhance your memory, how about zapping your brain with an electrical current?   Some new research indicates it could be helpful for those 60 and over.   Dan Godwin takes a look, in this Fox4ward.

Fox4ward: Seeing the doctor without insurance

In order to see a doctor these days, almost all of us need insurance. Or do we? One North Texas physician launched a practice several years ago, that works outside the traditional system of health coverage. And he says it's affordable for almost all income groups. Dan Godwin takes a look, in this Fox4ward.

Fox4ward: Unlocking the Mystery of Dark Matter

An SMU physics professor has a special talent for making her field of study, understandable to the rest of us.   She's also among the leading researchers, trying to confirm the presence of dark matter in the universe.   Dan Godwin gets a few quick science lessons, in this Fox4ward.

Fox4ward: Helping Kids Thrive Online

If you're a parent, raising kids in our digital world, knowing what to do can be difficult. How do you make sure kids steer clear of all the potentiai hazards, while maximizing what the internet has to offer?  An Allen mom has written a book on that subject... and she talks about it, in this Fox4ward.  

Fox4ward: Opportunities for Drone Pilots

A Dallas army veteran is helping train the next generation of professional drone pilots.  And for those with the discipline and drive, it's a unique opportunity to help shape an important new industry.   Dan Godwin takes a look, in this Fox4ward.     

Fox4ward: Overlooked Artist in DMA Spotlight

Many of us are familiar with the names of the French Impressionists, a group of painters who revolutionized the art world in the late 1800's.   And among those legendary figures, there was a lone female painter, whose brilliant work has been largely overlooked by history.    And that's a big reason the Dallas Museum of art will soon be exhibiting her canvases. ...

Fox4ward: Simple Steps to Better Communication

Many of us take communication for granted, meaning we just don't think about it much.   But by making some simple improvements, we can strengthen our connection with everyone we talk to, and put our goals within closer reach.   In this Fox4ward, Dan Godwin learns how to bring more impact, and enjoyment, to every interaction.  

Fox4ward: Proposed Cricket Stadium in Allen

It's one of the really big developments taking shape in North Texas.   It's called the Allen Sports Village, and the centerpiece will be a 125-million-dollar, multi-use stadium, that a future professional cricket team will call home.   Dan Godwin takes a look, in this Fox4ward.

Fox4ward: Transforming the World of Work

More and more people these days are working on a free-lance, contract basis, in many different industries.  And a former North Texas basketball star is now helping make the so-called "gig economy" function better for both companies, AND workers.   Dan Godwin has this Fox4ward. 

Fox4ward: Making Movies for a Different Audience

A Dallas native who worked in Hollywood for years, has launched a movie production company in East Dallas.  Cinestate is finding success by bringing a whole different mindset, to the business of making feature films.  Dan Godwin takes a look, in this Fox4ward.   

Fox4ward: Conquering Test Anxiety

You don't have to be a student, to tense up at the thought of taking a test.   But sooner or later, if we want to pursue our dreams, exams are a part of life.   In this Fox4ward, Dan Godwin looks at ways we can all be smarter, when it's time to be tested.