Cowboys fans celebrate after upset against Saints

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Cowboys fans were ecstatic Thursday night after Dallas managed to defeat the New Orleans Saints 13-3 at AT&T Stadium.

The game featured two of the hottest teams in the NFL, with the Cowboys managing to keep their playoff dreams alive. Their win over the Saints ended New Orleans’ 10-game winning streak.

“I mean it’s crazy. It kind of makes me emotional,” said fan Chris Nevitt. He and his wife made the trip from Cincinnati, Ohio.

He wanted one thing for his 50th birthday, even if his wife is rooting for the other team.

“I don’t think Drew Brees has seen defense like ours,” Nevitt said.

Some showed up in the early hours on Thursday to stake their claim to a tailgating spot.

It was a special game day for grandmother Bobbie Sample.

“This will be my very first time. This is my bucket list, I’m 77 this is my bucket list,” Sample said. “As long as it’s a good game, I’m gonna be alright with that.”

Even though everyone is playing nice outside, everyone knows there can be just one winner.

“We are going to have the Saints marching back to New Orleans today baby this is our house, go Cowboys!” one fan tailgating fan said.

“We the best defense tonight!” said another Cowboys fan. “They’ve been whooping everybody, but they didn’t whoop the Cowboys! We had them down.”

The Cowboys will go against Philadelphia on Dec. 9 in the last of three straight home games.