West Dallas residents worried as eviction date nears

Volunteers rallied West Dallas residents on Thursday who fear they're on the verge of being homeless.

150 low-income families might be evicted from their homes as soon as June 3 due to the city’s stricter housing codes. A judge granted an injunction in November, but it’s about to run out.

“I don't know where I'm going to go after the 3rd,” said Pearlie Mae Brown as she teared up.

The property owner, Khraish Khraish of HMK Ltd., said he's caught in the middle of a city land grab and wants an extension to the June 3 deadline. 

“My goal will be to go see Judge Moleberg and present him out findings of the real status of our tenants,” Khraish said.

In the meantime, he says an offer last week to buy his properties at a price minus the cost of repairs ...or for the value as assessed by the appraisal district -- is unfathomable.

“The real offer was give me your land or else. That was the offer I was given,” Khraish said.

David Villalobos, with the Texas Organizing Project, called on the city and HMK to broker a deal.

“A lot of families are living with uncertainty,” Villalobos said.

The city said it's working with Catholic Charities to offer employment services and financial support.

A city statement said in part: "To date, Catholic Charities has spoken to roughly 100 families. The organization has enrolled 46 families into their program and three families are in the process of purchasing their homes from HMK."

While extra time might be helpful to some families -- at least one says it's not a solution.

“They are going to be homeless unless someone does something,” said Pearline Harper Brown, Pearlie Mae’s daughter.