Weekend rain puts a damper on Allen High School graduation plans

Weekend storms ruined graduation plans for many Allen High School students and their families.

The class of 2017 was scheduled to graduate at Eagle Stadium Friday night, but storms postponed the ceremony multiple times.

“It was supposed to happen at 10 o'clock this morning and again at 1 o'clock, and they just postponed it again until 3 o'clock,” said parent, Keisha Smith on Saturday.

The ceremony was pushed back so late, on student’s relatives who flew in from Michigan could no longer go.

“They came here to see me graduate, they came here to spend time with me and see that moment and they won't even get to,” said graduate, Kalaiya Mosley-Keys.

Outside eagle stadium - Grayson Savoie and his family made sure they were some of the first in line to get a good seat, waiting Friday and again Saturday, hoping for the best. Savoie's sisters no longer able to see him graduate because of the delays.

The sun did eventually appear and a condensed version of the ceremony began.

In a statement, the Allen ISD and the High School principal aacknowledge families' frustrations about the lack of an indoor backup plan saying:

"We feel that holding it in the stadium, despite the weather, is currently the best option. There are no indoor facilities available this weekend that can accommodate the entire graduating class and guests in one or two ceremonies."