Water main break causes geyser in North Dallas

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A six-inch water main break in North Dallas left more than two dozen homes without water for most of the day.

People who live in the neighborhood north of North Park Center say the break happened around 6:30 a.m. Wednesday, causing the water to spray for more than four hours.

The rupture was fixed just after 3 p.m. A city worker says the extreme heat is to blame for the pipe bursting and says he expects more incidents like this one throughout the hot summer months.

The pressure was so strong that a column of rushing water spewing from a hole in the ground on Villa Park Circle near Boedeker Street could be seen by a FOX 4 viewer.

Cindy Lodewick and her daughter are just a few of the residents in the neighborhood who watched in amazement as the roaring water shot some 50 feet into the air and onto neighbor Kelly Howell's house.

“I heard this like loud raining noise,” Howell recalled. “I thought one of my sprinkler heads had broken off.”

Howell said the falling water was so intense that she had to go out her back door.

Three hours after the break was reported, a crew with Dallas Water Utilities showed up and manually turned off the water to expose the culprit: a six-inch water main break.

“In just the time we were standing out here, the hole doubled in size,” Howell said. “I look at it now, and it’s probably four times as big when it started.”

Howell's home didn’t appear to have suffered any water damage aside from some standing water in the crawl space.

City workers say all residents in the neighborhood should now have their water restored.