Vandals deface homes, vehicles in Bedford neighborhood

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Bedford police are investigating at least 20 cases of widespread vandalism.

More than a dozen residents were targeted. Their cars and homes were tagged with spray paint, and at least one vehicle had its windshield smashed.

The incidents all happened overnight Thursday and in the early morning hours. In every case, the vandal spray-painted the cars and homes with either a smiley face or ‘#clowns,’ leaving victims and police to believe it was all done by the same person.

Quinn Reyes is revved up over the damage done to his pick-up truck.

“I didn't know until I got to work and my neighbor told me, ‘Hey your truck got tagged’ and sent me a picture,” he said. ‘And then the police called me and said, ‘We want to talk about your vehicle.’”

A retired sheriff's deputy, who asked that FOX 4 not use his name, believes his security camera captured the moment the vandal tagged his neighbor's truck. The time was 3:12 Thursday morning.

“You can see the driver gets out and goes to the truck, but I can't see who he is,” he explained. “From the time he turned a corner and got off, there is spray paint. Got back in and took off. It was about two minutes.”

Reyes is one of at least four residents living along Willow Bend and Meandering Way in Bedford who were targeted by the vandal.

Keith Short and his wife spent the day removing spray paint from their car and garage door.

“Three people came along to help,” Short said. “They said anytime we need help to call on them. We're not young any longer so that means a lot.”

The Shorts say their next door neighbor got it the worst. Their entire garage door was covered in graffiti. Some of it is too graphic to show.

Less than three miles away, two apartment complexes were also targeted. One car that was parked at Bedford Hills Apartments had the front windshield smashed by a brick.

Photographs taken by the victims show the extent of the damage done to cars and units at the complex.

“We all work for a living,” Reyes said. “And it cost money to fix things, so it's frustrating.”

Anyone with information on the crimes is urged to contact the Bedford Police Department.