UNT student found shot to death in car along I-35 in Corinth

Corinth police are investigating how a college student wound up dead in a crashed car.

Amanda Clairmont, 21, was shot to death in her car that was found crashed into a fence in a vacant lot along the I-35E service road in Corinth.

Police driving by at 6 a.m. Sunday. thought her car looked suspicious. When they stopped to investigate, they found the University of North Texas student inside.

"Detectives have been working around the clock,” said Corinth Police Chief Debra Walthall. "Everybody's going in different directions, trying to locate any possible lead that we can come up with."

The Texas Rangers and Denton County Sheriff's Office are assisting the department in its first homicide in 17 years.

"I know that our citizens that were driving by yesterday were startled by what they saw. We just want to calm them. There's not any cause for alarm to other citizens that we believe at this point. We're just going to have to keep following up on everything,” Walthall said.

Clairmont's brother, David, says her family is waiting to find out who did this "horrible thing" before commenting.

He tweeted, "If the people who love us are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is no never stop loving them."

Clairmont's best friend, Amy Darzi, from their days attending Frisco Liberty High School also a photo of them.

"She was the most beautiful, loving and kind-hearted woman I have ever met. She has now joined her beautiful mother in heaven,” Darzi said.

Police did not say whether they have any specific leads and are expected to release an update on the investigation as early as Tuesday morning.