Two police officers indicted on aggravated assault charges

Two police officers were formally indicted on Friday, the Dallas County District Attorney announced.

Fired Balch Springs Police officer Roy Oliver was charged with aggravated assault by a public officer after he pulled a gun on a woman and teenager, after their car hit his lightly from behind. Oliver was off-duty at the time.

Oliver is also facing a murder charge from the shooting death of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards. Oliver was on duty, answering a disturbance call at a house party when he shot and killed Edwards, an unarmed passenger driving away from Oliver. Oliver has not yet been indicted in the Edwards case.

Oliver's bond was set for $100,000 for both charges of aggravated assault, and his bond in the Edwards case was raised from $300,000 to $500,000.

"With the two new aggravated assault cases, we've got a pattern now and so we think he's very very likely a danger to his community," First Assistant Dallas County District Attorney Mike Snipes said. "That's why we asked the judge to raise his bond and he agreed."

Oliver turned himself in at Parker County Jail on Friday and posted the bond for the aggravated assault case and the higher bond in the murder case. 

District Attorney Faith Johnson has not decided which case Oliver will go to trial for first, if the Jordan Edwards case is indicted. No plea bargains have been offered.

The shooting of 21-year-old Genevive Dawes also led to an aggravated assault charge against Dallas Police officer Christopher Hess.

Hess is the first Dallas Police officer to be indicted for a deadly shooting in 44 years.

Hess and another officer were investigating a reported suspicious vehicle, in which Dawes and her husband were sleeping. Police say they gave loud verbal commands and the car drove forward, and then backward into a police car. Hess fired several times, killing Dawes.

The District Attorney's office says Hess plans to turn himself in on Monday.