Storm destroyes tent of Aubrey church community

The storms that blew through North Texas on Wednesday night devastated a small church community.

The Bold Cross Cowboy Church in Aubrey worshipped under a tent. The tent is now lying on the ground after getting hit by the gusty storms. Everything inside of it is in shambles as well.

Wednesday night service had just started when Pastor Steve Smith saw the storm coming and moved everyone into a member's house next door.

"When everyone started to leave that's when Pastor Steve called and said church is gone," churchgoer Margie Chesney said.

Smith had held services under the tent for more than two years. About 80 to 100 people attended them.

However, churchgoers are seeing the destructive storm as an opportunity for a new beginning.

"I feel like the Lord just told us to get off our bottom and put up a building up here and I'm gonna take this tent down for you, it's gone now put your building up," Chesney said.

The church applied for a permit for a building two weeks ago. They expect to eventually have one, but they will continue to have services in the open air.