Sanger Police investigating double-murder suicide

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Officials with the Denton County Sheriff’s Office say three people were found dead inside a home, just before ten Saturday night, with signs of a struggle throughout the house.

“The crime scene was pretty horrific,” said Denton County Sheriff’s Lt. Orlando Hinojosa, “The young man is the suspect in this offense. Assuming that he killed the other two people involved, stabbed them to death, and then he stabbed himself to death.”

Authorities say investigators found the murder weapon inside the house. It’s unclear how long the bodies had been there before they were found.

“We were informed that a family member had made entry to the residence and found three people deceased. We know it was an older couple that was deceased and a young man that was deceased,” said Lt. Hinojosa.

The suspect has been identified as Ryan McGraw, and the victims have been identified as Douglas P. Greeney and Gladys G. Greeney.

Neighbors were stunned to hear the news. They did not want to speak on camera, but several neighbors tell FOX 4 a young man in his 20s lived in the home with his grandparents, and they would see him pacing up and down the street or in his driveway. Sanger Police are leading the investigation but have not said if they responded to any prior issues at the home.

Investigators are also pulling surveillance video from neighbors to see the activity outside the home, leading up to the murders, but authorities believe this was an isolated incident and there is no threat to the community.