Road rage victim recovering after being shot

  A North Richland Hills father is recovering after he became the victim of a road rage shooting.

 Joey Andrews was driving home from work around 2 A.M. Wednesday morning on 820 in North Richland Hills when he flashed his lights at an erratic driver.

"I flicked my lights once at him just to be like, hey man you're driving a little crazy there," he said.

The next thing he heard was a gunshot.

"My ears just boom. My ears started ringing and I looked down at my hand and I was shot."

A bullet shattered his passenger window, went through his arm, and lodged in his driver's side door. Andrews exited and pulled into a Waffle House. He held up his bloody arm, and people came running. A veteran cut the lanyard a waitress was wearing and used it as a tourniquet. He's since spent days in the hospital recovering physically.

"I still play it over in my head. It's still so surreal that somebody would take it to that level," Andrews said.

Andrews is a father to a 7-year-old boy. He's thankful he's even here after two other road rage incidents in North Texas that same week. One left a man dead.

"People are going to do what people are going to do and it's kind of like, you just got to accept it and if you let it get to you, that's just on you and you've already lost."

There are no surveillance images of that suspect white SUV.  Andrews said he knows the chances of the shooter ever being caught are slim. No one has been identified as a person of interest in any of those three road rage incidents from that week.